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VIP Shuttle to & from Eilat in IsraLimo's VAN-TASTIC!!!

Take our Mercedes Limo-Bus to or from Eilat and reap the benefits of using the only VanTastic in Israel. Ideal for family and business trips, party and bachelor transfers to Israel's #1 read sea resort! If you prefer a private flight or helicopter to Eilat visit
us here!

Onboard Amenities

1. TV & Video
- Full privacy from the driver by raising/lowering the 32" TV screen
- Wide selection of movies & live concerts
- Connection for laptop presentations
- Wireless headsets so that not everyone must listen to the same broadcast

2. Radio & GPS
- Complete control of the radio, CD's & GPS screen right from your seat
- Wireless microphone for tour guides, karaoke and more
- GPS can be transmitted into the cabin's screen

3. Lighting & Electrical
- Blue neon lights on floor & roof, great for parties and night transfers
- White cabin lights for meetings, reading, etc.
- AC Outlets of 220v to re-charge your mobile phone, laptop and anything you need power for

4. Bar, Seats & Tables
- All NAPA leather seats, with the first 3 front ones turning around for parties & meetings
- 2 meeting tables, one on every side of the limousine
- Refrigerated bar with cold bottled water. Additional drinks can be requested ahead of time
- Daily newspaper & magazines in English

Most importantly, you can make the most of your trip to or from Eilat by stopping along the way on the Dead Sea, Massada, Ramon Crater and more at no extra charge. We let you stop for 90 minutes anywhere you like, and our driver will be glad to show you the sites themselves :)

Boast your Eilat experience with the most comfortable ride in town! As this Limo is built upon a bus chassis, it's built to take the weight of 9 passengers with 10 to 15 pieces of luggage as well as the fixtures on the interior.

April 2012 - IsraLimo accepts GDS reservations!
We accept GDS! IsraLimo is the first car service company in Israel and the Middle East to accept reservations in real time, via Global Distribution Systems. Contact and interface directly with us.
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January 2012 - Visit IsraLimo's booth at the LCT Show in Las Vegas
IsraLimo will attend the LCT Show in Las Vegas between, February 13-15, 2012. Please visit our booth and contact us today if you're attending, so that we can meet personally at the MGM Convention Center.
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November 28, 2011 - IsraLimo introduces VIP Wine & Night Experiences in Tel Aviv
Experience the best in Israeli wines in a trendy city bar, or if you're looking for more, an evening of all-access to the town's most exclusive clubs, including private tables saved just for you.
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February 27, 2011 - IsraLimo is acquired by Tal Limousine
After five years of tremendous support from our valued clients and hard work by our staff, IsraLimo has been acquired by Tal Limousine Service.
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December 14, 2010 - IsraLimo To Outfit Its Entire Chauffeured Vehicles Fleet With Awacs Driver Assistance System
The camera-based safety features to be installed on each vehicle will include a lane departure warning (LDW) system, a forward collision warning (FCW) system, and a headway monitoring and warning (HMW) system.
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